Central Pennsylvania Town Repeals LGBTQ “Protection” Ordinance. Left Goes Crazy

25 Jan 2022 by Dwight D. Weidman

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a small borough located in South Central PA, is the first community in PA to repeal a leftist-inspired LGBTQ+ “protection” ordinance that was pushed through by last year’s leftist-dominated Borough Council. The ordinance “banned discrimination based on sex, race, religion and other factors”, which was unnecessary under current law, and “established a local human relations commission tasked with handling complaints of violations”, which was the real purpose of the ordinance. The repeal of the ordinance is one of the first major agenda items to be approved by Chambersburg’s new conservative Republican majority, which was elected on the promise to overturn the ordinance and other leftist-inspired and funded measures. The vote was 7-3 for repeal, with the council’s new Republican majority sticking together to deep-six the unpopular measure.

The reaction of local leftwing extremists to the council action was predictable: threats, insults, personal attacks and the usual weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. One former borough council member at the meeting personally insulted current Council President Allen Coffman and those citizens present to support the repeal. The local leftwing “rent-a-mob” showed up at the council meeting to speak against the repeal action, and of course the local leftist newspaper portrayed the council’s action as one by a few Republicans to overturn the will of the people. The local newspaper, owned by leftist Gannett Company, stated “The public comments did not sway council members’ votes.”, while ignoring the fact that the Republican majority on the council was elected to overturn the unnecessary ordinance as part of an effort to run the borough more in line with the wishes of Chambersburg’s Christian conservative majority. Republican PA gubernatorial candidate and former congressman Lou Barletta, came to Chambersburg on November 2nd to campaign with Republican Borough Council candidates, a visit which local newspaper and radio media refused to cover. Nevertheless, Barletta’s standing with local Republicans paid off for the people of Chambersburg.

Chambersburg was just one of many small communities in which “progressives” have forced through similar ordinances, which also give leftwing groups a toehold in leadership by requiring the establishment of an Orwellian local human relations commission to further this and other extremist ideas in our rural communities.

One can only hope that other communities will follow Chambersburg’s lead.

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