Mysterious Jamming Noticed on Air Force Global Command System Frequency

by Dwight Weidman, K3WVU 4 March 2022

Amateur Radio operators and Shortwave Listeners have notice a strange radio signal that is frequently appearing on one of the US Air Force High Frequency Global Communications System voice frequencies that is used by installations and aircraft worldwide for both routine and emergency traffic. The frequency is 8.992 MHZ, and is one of the four primary HFGCS frequencies, the others being 15.016, 11.175 and 4.724 MHZ.

HFGCS is mainly controlled by Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, but there are a few Air Force bases that also transmit to HFGCS, which include (May not be limited to);

  • Andersen AB, Guam
  • Ascension Island
  • Croughton AB, United Kingdom
  • Diego Garcia Naval Station, Indian Ocean
  • Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
  • Hickam AB, Hawaii
  • Keflavik NAS, Iceland
  • Lajes AB, Azores
  • McClellan, California
  • Offutt AFB, Nebraska
  • Salinas, Puerto Rico
  • Sigonella Naval Station, Italy

The interfering signal seems to be similar to jamming techniques that have been used by Russia, going back to the Soviet era. It sounds like a motor, or in the words of one listener, “a demented Weed Eater”. I have been monitoring the signal and it turns on every few minutes for periods lasting from 30 seconds to over 15 minutes. It has so far only been noticed on 8.992 MHZ, but could be a test of a system intended to interfere with USAF communications in the event of hostilities between NATO and Russia. The signal has been monitored at various sites and has been reported in the Facebook Group “Strange Radio Signals”, where you can watch and listen to video and audio of the transmissions.

Also, a short MP4 video clip is below:

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