Pennsylvania Senate GOP Leadership Furious with Senator Mastriano over Proposed Election Audit

by Dwight D. Weidman 6:00 AM, July 27, 2021

According to a reliable source, leaders of the PA Senate GOP majority are extremely upset with State Senator Douglas Mastriano and his formal requests to three counties for information and election materials required to conduct a forensic audit of last November’s general election results. Mastriano, the Chair of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee sent letters requesting all ballots and associated materials to three counties, Tioga, York and Philadelphia in order to conduct an Arizona-type full forensic audit of of the Presidential election results in those counties. The letters had a suspense date of 31 July, and could be followed up with subpoenas.

Not surprisingly, Mastriano’s effort was met with resistance from Pennsylvania’s liberal Democrat governor, Tom Wolf, whose Secretary of State immediately threatened to decertify any voting equipment to which access by a third party was granted. To back up that not-so-subtle blackmail threat, Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid last week decertified voting machines used by little Fulton County, PA when they participated in a voluntary audit of their Dominion voting equipment. The Wolf regime plays hardball when it comes to covering for Joe Biden!

What will be surprising to most, at least those of you who aren’t familiar with PA Republican politics, is that the Pennsylvania Senate leadership is furious with Senator Mastriano for daring to suggest that the Nov 2020 election is worth an audit. Describing leadership’s feelings toward Senator Mastriano, a very reliable source said, “They hate him…and the audit. They think it’s going to put southeast seats in jeopardy. Bad politics in their opinion.”. So there you have it, the PA Senate leadership, folks like Senators Jake Corman and Dave Argall, would rather tolerate a stolen election than risk losing their leadership posts.

It will be interesting to see their next move when Doug Mastriano announces his run for PA Governor in about a week.

29 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Senate GOP Leadership Furious with Senator Mastriano over Proposed Election Audit

  1. And When He Runs.. HE WILL HAVE MY VOTE ! And Many Others ! I Like the sound of Governor Doug Mastriano ! Change Is Coming ! We The People Are Fed Up With Corruption, Lies, Manipulation, Immorality, GREED, and Filth ! God less the United States Of America !


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