Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman: Joe Biden is dangerously close to facing a Coup d’état

Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman: Joe Biden is dangerously close to facing a Coup d’état

by Two MikesJuly 6, 2021 Republished with permission from Freedom First Network

Today, the Two Mikes had the pleasure of interviewing Lawrence Klayman, a renowned lawyer, and the founder of Judicial Watch and of his current organization, Freedom Watch.

Mr. Klayman cogently and clearly explained that America is broken and that our legal system is a smoking ruin. “Our legal system is gone, it’s been taken away from us. We have corrupt judges and a compromised legal system,” Lawrence explained. If the American republic is to be recovered, only the widespread and targeted activities of common American citizens and their organizations can achieve the goal.

Mr. Klayman has formed the “New American Independence Party”, and on 5 and 6 July 2021 will hold the “Third Continental Congress” at the reception center of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. The meeting will discuss and plan ways in which the citizenry can take the fight — in a legal and constitutional manner — to the authoritarians that pack the Biden regime, DoJ, and the FBI.

With how out of control our government has gotten recently, Dr Michael Scheuer brought up his concern that peaceful events such as the Third Continental Congress event are not going to be enough to take back our nation. While Mr Klayman made clear that he will never call for violence to take back the White House from Joe Biden, “he is dangerously close to a Coup d’état.”

Mr. Klayman also has, for several years, been working on new ways of applying justice in America. Quoting Justice Scalia, Mr. Klayman explained that the grand-jury process actually belongs to the American people as a whole, and not just the three branches of the national government. Given this fact, it is possible for the citizenry to investigate, arrest, try, and convict the offenders, people that the current judicial system ignores or abets, under the parameters of the Constitution and U.S. law. 

— Mr. Klayman’s website is: http://www.freedomwatchusa.com, and the site contains documents about the organization, content, and goals of next week’s Third Continental Congress. 

— Mr. Klayman’s most recent book is: It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry

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