Caught in a Lie, Wolf Administration Scrambles to Cover its Tracks on False Covid19 Death Figures

by Dwight D. Weidman

Never underestimate the power of modern medicine! It seems that overnight, 201 people in PA who were supposed to be victims of the Chinese Wuhan Virus suddenly came back to life! A couple of days ago, PA Health Secretary Rachel Levine added 269 deaths to the Pennsylvania count, including 10 to the Franklin County number of zero, only to be almost immediately being called out by several County Coroners, Representative Rob Kauffman and State Senator Douglas Mastriano. It seems that almost none of the extra 269 cases were real or had been recorded and passed to the state from the Coroners, and the numbers were quickly revised today. Franklin County actually has reported its first death due to lagging test results, but not the 10 that were reported by the state. Lagging, assumed, or post-mortem testing results do account for 68 of the total number, but the 201 reported deaths on which the state had to backtrack are “still under investigation”.

It was indeed ironic that the fake numbers were released the day after a few thousand Pennsylvanians converged on the State Capitol to protest Governor Wolf’s draconian shutdown orders that are financially strangling our citizens. It’s pretty apparent that there are still many citizens who are easily driven to hysteria by a health scare, even an overhyped one, so no doubt the tyrannical Wolf saw this as a golden opportunity to keep the panic going. Wolf has been just one of a number of Democrat governors who have seized this opportunity to strangle our booming economy to hurt President Trump’s chances in an election year. With virus case and death numbers coming down nearly everywhere, you can bet that stunts like this from the Democrats will become more common. Judging from citizen reaction, Wolf’s tactics are likely gong to backfire and serve up Pennsylvania to the President on a silver platter on November 3rd.

We should all be thankful that we have people like our elected representatives and row officers keeping watch!

111 thoughts on “Caught in a Lie, Wolf Administration Scrambles to Cover its Tracks on False Covid19 Death Figures

  1. I think we should be concerned and rightfully so. When The Governor signed on a line to close the StAte Centers that are homes & medical care centers to our most vulnerable people He also stated that he was looking to close State run Nursing facilities. It is ironic that The Governor’s Office would send Positive Covid19 patients to nursing facilities where we also have vulnerable folks in the Winter of their lives. It makes no sense either.
    Is their an Ulterior motive. ???
    We must protect the VULNERABLE!!!

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  2. Wolf and Levine should both be prosecuted for false Covid virus death counts and for closing down the economy and ruining peoples buisnesses and lives with no income since March.He should be made to pay all the people back what they lost and made to give back the license of buisnesses he took from them under false pretences .He should be jailed for 30 yrs for his wrong doing and gone against our constitutional rights.

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  3. my girl friend thinks i have esp because i was telling her what was going on from day one she calls me the ponderer
    i have been asking from the start why the numbers didn’t warrant keeping Erie locked down for that reason we were told not enough tracing so i checked on what the tracing under took what i found was just another opportunity for legislators to gain the ability to deprive americans of there constitutional rights by way of calling it a pandemic under certain statutes for are own safety and the safety of others

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  4. Governor Tom Wolf and his Health secretary the he she it Richard Rachel Levine both need arrested this is not the only falsification they have made they also done one in Bucks county and was called out on it I believe that Gov.Wolf, Lt. Gov. Fetterman and PA Health Secretary Levine all need impeached or taken to court on slander since their figures are not true along with anyone one else that is making up figures such as W.H.O and the Johns Hopkins University all the figures for the United States are bullshit.I know of a person whose mother passed away in Ohio from Liver and Kidney disease and the death certificate said COVID-19 so how many states are actually correct? This happening in Franklin County and also in Bucks County here in Pennsylvania really how truthful is any of it?

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    1. Put them on President Trumps list for 2021-2024.. There’s Going to be some House Cleaning Done … SOON ! God Bless the United States Of America ! and God Bless Donald J. Trump ! He’s God’s Administrator for the United States !


    2. Johns Hopkins University did an article that said there are “NO MORE DEATHS IN THE USA In 2020′ than there has been in the last 10 years”.. The Average Total Death Numbers in the United States are Almost Equal !


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